An all-in-one online booking software for small to medium size companies

Accept bookings online

CLOUD BASED Reservation & Inventory Management

Integrates with

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Manage your reservations and availability
in realtime



Accept Secure Payments Online

Online payments are processed securely through our software. Credit cards are validated.

All payments and customer data is securely processed through a reputable payment gateway.


Export Reports

Run various different reports and export them to CSV.


Advanced Inventory Syncing

In one-way file synchronization, also called mirroring, updated files are copied from a 'source' location to one or more 'target' locations.

Your inventory is available in real-time across all booking channels including


Promo Codes & Vouchers

Guests receive booking vouchers after paying online which can be redeemed at the business for tickets.

Allow your users to apply promo codes to bookings.


Mobile Optimized

Use your tablet or mobile phone to manage your account on the go.


Virtual Workstation

Add a receipt printer and credit card swipe to create a workstation wherever you need to do business.


How is the booking volume calculated for each business?

The booking volume is calculated based on the total amount of reservations made both internally and online

Will I be able to use it without internet?

The program will only be accessible through the internet at this time

Can I turn it off during the months we are closed?

We allow you to put your account on “dormant”, which you can still access records, but you cannot make or accept online bookings. The pricing has not yet been determined, but it will be significantly less than the typical monthly fee

What kind of businesses can use RS?

RS can be used for many types of businesses that sell tickets or require an advanced ticketing system of some sort. Although the system targets those in the tour industry, it can also be used for different industries that require similar functionality

Is it easy to use for someone that isn’t computer literate?

Yes, it’s very easy to use. A support rep will assist in setup and training

Can I still use my current credit card processor?

We use the payment gateway, which is one the most widely used payment gateways in the industry. If your processor does not offer a connection to, please contact us

Do I have to pay a commission for every online booking?

No, there are no commissions unless you exceed the booking quota for your subscription

Have any questions about RS, please contact us

We are available for appointments Monday - Friday for interested clients